Prioritize, Assign & Optimize Your Leads Efficiently

Reduces lead leakage by seamlessly prioritizing and assigning leads from diverse sources like bulk imports and APIs.

30% more conversion



Lead Aggregation for Insurance: Seamless Integration from Multiple Sources Including Bancassurance Partners

Unlock the potential of a unified lead aggregation system tailored for the insurance sector. Our platform excels in assimilating leads from a multitude of sources, ensuring you never miss an opportunity. One of our prime integrations includes a robust connection with bancassurance partners, creating a flawless bridge between banks and insurance providers. With this, sharing critical data between your insurance company and banking partners has never been easier.

Our open API infrastructure empowers you to build your own integration, adapting to unique external sources specific to your needs. Whether you're looking to import leads in bulk via an excel sheet, source them from your dedicated in-house marketing team, or gather them through tele-calling initiatives, we've got you covered.



Lead Distribution for Insurance: Efficiently Channeling Leads for Faster Policy Issuance

With our state-of-the-art lead distribution system, ensure that each lead sourced from multiple avenues is promptly and efficiently routed to the most apt sales managers and partners. Our automated process significantly reduces manual effort, ensuring a faster TAT (Turnaround Time) and helping you seal deals at an unprecedented speed.

With the power of pre-built rules, we not only ensure reduced lead leakage but also enhance the chances of issuing more policies.

Set auto rules to guarantee immediate contact with potential clients. And if, for some reason, a lead isn't reached, our platform triggers an escalation to the supervisor or re-assigns the lead to the next best sales personnel, making certain that no opportunity is missed.



Qualification in Insurance: Mobile-First Solutions for Swift Lead Scoring and Prioritization

In the realm of insurance, qualifying leads efficiently is crucial for driving successful conversions. Our mobile-first solution is tailored to empower insurance sales teams, agents, and partners to stay ahead of the curve. With advanced lead scoring capabilities, we assist you in swiftly distinguishing between cold and hot prospects, enabling better allocation of resources.

By nudging best actions and recommending timely meetings, we ensure that your team knows which leads to prioritize. Our user-friendly interface boasts flexible forms to capture the essential details, providing a comprehensive view of each potential policyholder. Dive into an automated process that streamlines the qualification journey, from initial contact to policy issuance.

In the pursuit of excellence, achieve the best TAT (Turnaround Time). With our system recommending priority tasks, your team can act swiftly and effectively, ensuring that the highest potential leads are addressed promptly. Drive more conversions, save time, and issue more policies with our unparalleled qualification solution.