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Top mobile insurance sales platform for managers to intermediaries. Streamlines every step, from planning to analysis. Ideal for agencies, direct sales, Bancassurance & agents.

Renewal Automation

Lead Management

Partner Management

Sales Activity



Bridging the Gap in Direct and Indirect Insurance Sales

Elevate your sales with integrated digital tools, harmonizing data, workflows, and user experiences throughout the sales journey. Deliver unmatched sales productivity while boosting your operational efficiency.

Intelligent Policy Renewal and Lead Management

Each renewal and request is routed to the most efficient method to maximize speed and coverage. 

Sales Orchestration

Automate outbound with auto dial & rule

Zero Lead Leakage

Capture from any source and distribute automatically

Streamlines agency processes & offer immediate access to client data.

Empower sales reps and agents with a unified digital platform to handle recruitment, customer queries, and communications, boosting productivity.

Recruit, Train and Engage

Simplify agent recruitment and improve collaboration.

  • Partner Management
  • Joint activities
  • Campaigns & Goals
  • Contest & Rewards
  • Broadcast & Training

Personalise Sales Activities & Goal Objectives

Toolyt lets you offer real-time initiatives to sales managers or agents, tailoring goals and rewards to inspire motivation.


additional data and insights into sales processes

New Policy Sales

Gather and rank leads, automate responses, and ensure no opportunity is missed.


Make renewals easier, and take your agency to the next level with automation.

Upsell / Cross Sell

Opportunities to upsell & cross-sell policies can be created by leveraging the data.

Partner Management

Enable agents and sales leaders to close more deals together on the go.

Accelerate customer onboarding with forms & e-KYC verification

Integrated, Plug andn Play mobile Platform sales leaders and agents for accelerated customer acquisition

Build flow with No code

OCR, KYC, AML Screening, ID verification etc.,

Reduce TAT

Decrease response time by prioritizing each task.

Data to drive intelligent decisions and Actionable insights

Craft and launch sophisticated mobile friendly reports in minutes using Toolyt's integrated BI tool.


Ensure your best customers are contacted frequently.

Insights & Reports

Customer portfolio coverage and performance reports.

Industry experience matters

We know your top-of-mind issues.

Meet Mr.Byju, our Chief of Insurance Tech

Ex-Chief Technology Officer (Future Generali India Life Insurance Co)

Full time CTO, Life Insurance, Apr 2013 to 2023 - Reporting to India CEO and dotted line to Chief Transformation Officer of Generali International/Asia Regional Office.

Managed policy administration system, Complex integrations, build API infrastructure and Self-servicing process to deliver IT Strategic Plan year on year and modernised everchanging technology to leverage efficiency in operations with minimum budge

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