Boost Sales Productivity with Top-Tier Activity Management

Automatically track all sales activities, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.Take control, optimize efforts, and transform your sales process.



Comprehensive Scheduling for Sales Leaders, Agents, and Partners

Master the art of visit planning in the insurance domain with our robust scheduling solution, catering to every type of activity from partner and customer visits to branch visits and training sessions. Designed for forward-thinking sales leaders, our platform offers a digital diary, making it the go-to hub for agents and partners to stay on top of their tasks.

Tooly seamlessly integrates smart nuggets that serve timely reminders, ensuring that every scheduled activity gets its due attention

Optimize every meeting, keep track of every action, and redefine the way insurance sales activities are managed.



Sales Activity Orchestration: Streamlining Insurance Processes from Lead Qualification to Agent Recruitment

Harness the power of activity orchestration to set and meet daily targets, providing a structured roadmap to sales success. By enforcing the right activity in each stage of the sales funnel - from lead qualification, customer onboarding, policy issuance, to the recruitment of new agents.

Moreover, gain crystal-clear visibility into the funnel, allowing decision-makers to monitor progress, address bottlenecks, and optimize strategies in real-time.

With our platform, elevate the sales process, achieve the best TAT (Turnaround Time), and set the gold standard for insurance sales operations.



Intelligent Sales Assistant: Toolyt Dot – Elevating Insurance Sales with Smart Guidance

Toolyt Dot, your team's intelligent personal assistant, crafted to empower your sales team and agents while they're pro-active on the field.

With zero to minimal data entry, Toolyt Dot lightens the administrative load, allowing your team to focus on what they do best – selling policies. This intelligent assistant promptly suggests action items, provides recommendations on the next course of action, and assists in prioritizing activities, ensuring that every opportunity is maximized.

Dive into a new age of insurance sales, where intelligent guidance meets operational efficiency, only with Toolyt Dot.

The real magic lies in its capability to boost product adoption. With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, Toolyt Dot doesn't just enhance productivity—it drives sales manager's and agent's adoption, ensuring that every member of your team leverages its power to the fullest.