AutoRenew Hub;

Streamlined Policy Renewal with Smart Communication Workflows

Automate your renewal processes, send timely notifications via SMS, Voice Outbound IVR, and more.

30% Boost in timely renewal



Workflow Automation in Insurance: Reducing TAT and Boosting Renewal Rates

Keep your customers through interactive audio bot or other channels, we ensure timely reminders are dispatched before each policy's due date.

Our system is equipped to automatically execute follow-up actions based on each customer's response, creating a seamless and proactive renewal journey. This not only enhances the customer experience but also significantly reduces manual intervention, streamlining operations and increasing efficiency.

Introducing our specialized workflow designed explicitly to minimize Turnaround Time (TAT) while maximizing policy renewals.

The result? A tangible rise in renewal rates, paired with a reduction in manual efforts.



Auto Renewal Lead Allocation: Optimized Distribution for Enhanced Insurance Policy Renewals

In the competitive world of insurance, the precision of lead allocation can greatly influence policy renewal rates. Auto Lead Allocation maximize renewals through intelligent lead distribution.

Once a customer responds to the automated communications, we ensure that leads are automatically routed to the most suitable agents or sales managers.

This flexibility ensures a tailored approach to every lead, bolstering chances of policy continuation. Step into the new age of insurance, where technology and strategy merge to create unparalleled renewal outcomes.



Intelligent Nudges : Toolyt Dot's Recommendations for Enhanced Policy Renewals

To ensure every policy renewal opportunity is maximized, timely reminders and actionable insights are delivered via Toolyt Dot, the intelligent personal assistant for sales managers and agents.

Toolyt Dot is a game-changer for sales managers and agents. With its cutting-edge capabilities, reminders and notifications are delivered not just timely, but also in the most impactful manner. Whether it's about a looming policy renewal or a potential upsell, Toolyt Dot ensures you're always a step ahead.

By providing a granular view into partner activities, managers are equipped with insights that directly influence policy renewals.

This visibility not only aids in decision-making but also bolsters the overall performance.